Curation of Content for NROER

  1. Curation for each Resource:
    When one publishes a resource, the curation is done by adding tags. Tags are classified into tag groups. For example: Audience is a tag group which describes includes tags like teachers, students, teacher-educators, citizen, everyone, laboratory-staff, researcher, technical-staff. All tags groups and respective tags on platform can be checked by clicking the Tags section as shown below.

Present tags groups are listed below:

  • Audience : Tags related to type of users joining.

  • Broad Subject : General tags related to different academic subjects.

  • Difficulty Level : Tags for Project/Course or Topic difficulty levels.

  • Educational Alignment :

  • Educational Level : Tags for Topics/Resources like primary level, secondary level etc.

  • Educational Subject : Specific subject tags like psychology.

  • Educational Use : Tags related to resource types.

  • Iteractivity Type :

  • Language : Tags for language of resource.

  • Partners : Tags for resources contributed by partners.

  • Purpose : Reason for uploading/sharing a resource.

  • Text Complexity : Complexity of words used in the Topic.

  • Topic : Specific Topic tags for the resource for example : complex-numbers, polymers, semi-conductors. This tag help quick searching of particular resource for a user.

  • Other Tags : Tags which are required but cannot be added in either of any above tag groups. For example : Taj-mahal, Swadeshi-movement, etc…

  1. How to create/curate a resource:
  • Creating a Resource : On the landing page -> Click on New Resource.

  • Categorize a Resource and adding of Tags : Category of resource can be selected as shown and similarly tags can be added.

  • Preview of Resource Description

  1. How to create tag Groups :
    Below shared post has documentation related for the same.
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