Child Labour and Child Marriage

This resource is based on Child Labour and Child Marriage.It describes that The Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation )Act of 1986,the CAL Act for short,regulates child labour in India.It divides person below the age of 18 into 2 categories (i) Children-anyone below the age of 14 years (ii) Adolescent -anyone who is above 14 years but below the age of 18.Child labour is prohibited under this law.This means that no child can be engaged in any form of employment.The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act(PCMA for short) of 2006 seeks to prohibit child marriage.It defines a child as a male under the age of 21 years,and a female below 18 years.A child marriage is a marriage in which either party (the boy ,the girl,or both) is a child.

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